Upcoming Shows

Gore Club Headshot The Louisville Gore Club

13 years running!

February 25 - April 28
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Monday Night Mic! Headshot Monday Night Mic!

A mix of Louisville's best and newest comedians!

February 26 - April 29
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B Movie Bingo Headshot B-Movie Bingo!

with host Chris Vititoe

February 28 - April 24
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Isabel Hagen Headshot Isabel Hagen
March 01 - March 02
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Groucho's Karaoke Party Headshot Karaoke with Groucho!

It's your turn

March 01 - May 03
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TV Trivia w/ Greg! Headshot TV Trivia w/ Greg!
March 05 - April 02
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Monster Monster Headshot MONSTER MONSTER!

Live D&D with Comedians

March 06 - April 03
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Æonplugged Headshot Æonplugged

AcousticÆlectric Open Mic

March 07 - April 04
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Godawfuls, BugBot Headshot godawfuls, Bug Bot

with Electric Super Sex

March 08
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Will Hardesty Headshot Will Hardesty

The Re-Return

March 09
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This or That? Headshot This Or That?

"would you rather" but with pro comedians

March 14
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Stuart Wicke with Ed Monk Headshot Stuart Wicke w/ Ed Monk

w/ SO IT WAS and Jason Lawrence

March 15
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