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Night Two

April 21
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Monday Night Mic! Headshot Monday Night Mic!

A mix of Louisville's best and newest comedians!

April 22 - June 24
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B Movie Bingo Headshot B-Movie Bingo!

with host Chris Vititoe

April 24 - May 15
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Thunderdome Headshot Thunderdome!
April 25 - June 27
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The Roast of The Kentucky Derby! Headshot The Roast of the Kentucky Derby!

presented by Character Assassination

April 26 - April 27
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Gore Club Headshot The Louisville Gore Club

13 years running!

April 28 - June 30
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Monster Monster Headshot MONSTER MONSTER!

Live D&D with Comedians

May 01
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Æonplugged Headshot Æonplugged

AcousticÆlectric Open Mic

May 02 - June 06
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Groucho's Karaoke Party Headshot Karaoke with Groucho!

It's your turn

May 03 - June 14
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Unlicensed Professionals Headshot Unlicensed Professionals

...think TED Talk but without the credentials

May 09
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Billy Wayne Davis Headshot Billy Wayne Davis

NBC. WTF w Marc Maron, CMT

May 10
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He's Dead Jim Headshot He's Dead Jim, South Mouth

w/ Saddle of Southern Darkness

May 16
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