Upcoming Shows

Mo Alexander

Comedy Central, Bob & Tom, Hart of the City

June 03
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With Friends - Sunday Matinee

POTT Hosts Non-Profit Group With Friends

June 04
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Monday Night Mic!

A mix of Louisville's best and newest comedians!

June 05 - July 31
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TV Trivia w/ Greg!
June 06 - December 05
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B-Movie Bingo!

with host Chris Vititoe

June 07 - July 19
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Unlicensed Professionals

Comedians giving life advice they’re unqualified to give

June 08
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Hampton Yount

Comedy Central, Conan, MST3K

June 09 - June 10
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KY Bill


June 09
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Movie Trivia w/ Greg Welsh!


June 13 - December 12
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Gore Club Presents Frank Dietz & Black Roses

Screening & Live Commentary!

June 14
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Chance Willie

& Friends! One Night Only!

June 15
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Stonecutters, Bihargam and Baptise

Creatio Ex Nihil - 10 yr Anniversary

June 16
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Q Smoke & Friends

One Night Only!

June 17
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Music Trivia with Greg Welsh!

8pm 21+ Free to Play!

June 20 - December 19
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June 22 - December 28
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