Upcoming Shows


AcousticÆlectric Open Mic

October 05 - November 02
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KY Bill

The only improv you'll ever need

October 06
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Groucho's Party

it's your turn

October 06 - November 22
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The Late Show!

Late & Local

October 07
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Monday Night Mic!

A mix of Louisville's best and newest comedians!

October 09 - December 18
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Movie Trivia w/ Greg Welsh!


October 10 - December 12
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B-Movie Bingo!

with host Chris Vititoe

October 11 - November 22
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Archaeas, The Stools, Kids Born Wrong

Live Music/Costume Party

October 12
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Atun-Shei Films Presents The Sudbury Devil

Limited Screening w/ Q&A from the Director Andrew Rakich

October 13
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Friday Night Frights

The Louisville Gore Club

October 13
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Music Trivia with Greg Welsh!

8pm 21+ Free to Play!

October 17 - December 19
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Games On Tap Louisville

Board Games and Good Hangs

October 18 - November 15
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Louisville Vibe - Farewell Show

all-genres open mic

October 19
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