Upcoming Shows

Sean Smith Headshot Sean Smith
June 14 - June 15
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Groucho's Karaoke Party Headshot Karaoke with Groucho!

It's your turn

June 14 - July 13
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The Late Show Headshot The Late Show!

local. live. late.

June 15
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Gore Club Headshot The Louisville Gore Club

13 years running!

June 16 - August 25
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Monday Night Mic! Headshot Monday Night Mic!

A mix of Louisville's best and newest comedians!

June 17 - August 26
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Music Trivia w/ Greg! Headshot Music Trivia with Greg Welsh!

8pm 21+ Free to Play!

June 18 - August 20
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B Movie Bingo Headshot B-Movie Bingo!

with host Chris Vititoe

June 19 - August 21
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YR KNIVES Headshot YR KNIVES, Mute Duo

with Jungle Boogie

June 20
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Cat Casual & The Final Word Headshot Cat Casual & The Final Word

w/ Jaxon Lee Swain and Future Fossils

June 21
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Games On Tap Louisville Headshot Games On Tap Louisville

Board Games and Good Hangs

June 26 - August 28
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Thunderdome Headshot Thunderdome!
June 27 - August 22
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The Roast of Space! Headshot The Roast of Space!

Presented by Character Assassination

June 28 - June 29
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TV Trivia w/ Greg! Headshot TV Trivia w/ Greg!
July 02 - August 06
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Monster Monster Headshot MONSTER MONSTER!

Live D&D with Comedians

July 03 - August 07
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